A Boon for the Gamer: 20 Bonus Cash Credits

They say that the House always wins, but when it comes to some of the chunky bonus cash offers laid out by casinos, it's hard to see how that is the case. Some of these may be just 20 dollars extra, while others can soar up to one hundred dollars. Either way, this is free cash that they are handing out.

Why is it given away? And how do you get it too? Buckle up because we are going to spill the secrets.

What is Bonus Cash?

20 Bonus Cash

Bonus cash is when a casino puts forward an offer to its customers from the house to give them a little extra to play with. This can be given in various ways. For instance, deposit bonuses (i.e. 20 for joining), free spins on machines or casino games, and various other offers. There are often loyalty schemes and ongoing promotions for existing customers too.

Welcome bonuses are very common for new players. Plus, there are match bonuses where they match your deposit amount and sometimes offer a bonus on top of it.

Why Would a Casino Give 20 Bonus Cash Credits?

20 Bonus Cash

Although it may seem like casinos are frivolously throwing away their money, there is a reason they are still doing it. And doing it so well. It works! Offering freebies entice people in, encourages them to join and to keep playing. What's more, it's a free gamble. To some, the risk of losing is off-putting, and this feels especially high when you are unfamiliar with casinos or particular games. So, offering a little something extra, even the likes of just $20 means that new players can explore the place confidently. This generally leads to them putting down their own money when they are ready.

Claiming Your Promotion

20 Bonus Cash

So, the notion has surely crossed your mind by now: Does this mean I can sign up, have my deposit matched, claim a bonus and then just withdraw the cash?

The casinos are well ahead of you on that one. As they say, nothing truly is for free and this 'free cash' comes with strings of its own. In order for the house not to lose money with customers withdrawing it immediately, there are often requirements attached. This means that the player can only access the free credits after they meet a given requirement. For example, the wagering requirement might be 25x which would mean placing $500 worth of bets after you receive your $20 promo.

Things to Remember

It's time to go hunt down the good bonus cash offers in your local casino, or online. How do you make sure you get your hands on the free cash?

Make sure the wagering requirements are reasonable. Check the Terms and conditions-certain offers come with maximum wins or they can only be used with certain casino games and machines. This can ruin the experience. Also, remember that not all casino bonuses are automatic online, so check promotional pages, get the codes and be sure to 'opt-in.' Find out more information here.